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Each year the Jasper Community Foundation plans to make grant awards to worthwhile projects located in the County that are identified through a community grants application process. Our foundation's areas of emphasis include arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, recreation and other community activities. Grant amounts are dependent upon the allocation of funds available to the Community Foundation each fiscal year.

On this site you will find the following:

1. Instructions for completing an application.

2. Eligibility requirements.

3. Principles for selection of grant recipients.

4. Criteria to be used in judging applications.

5. Grant recipients responsibilities.

6. Application form.

Please mail your completed application to: the Jasper Community Foundation, P.O. Box 924, Newton, Iowa 50208 on or before April 30, 2024. Grant applicants will be notified of their grant status (approved or declined) 8-10 weeks following the deadline. 

If you have questions, please e-mail us.


Dan Skokan, President

Jasper Community Foundation

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be located in and serving primarily clients in Jasper County.

  • Serve a charitable purpose by enhancing the quality of life in Jasper County in such areas as arts/culture/humanities; health/education/human services; environment/animals; public/society benefits and other community activities.

  • To be considered for any of these funds, your organization must be a tax-exempt, non-profit entity classified by the IRS as 501(c)(3) or a 170(c)(1) governmental entity. If your organization is not a 501(c)(3), then you must have a fiscal sponsor who will be legally and financially responsible. Definitions are outlined below:

  • Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Entity (IRS) - Organizations must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax-exempt, non-profit, public charities under section 501(c)(3) or as a "unit of government" under Section 170(c)(1) to receive grant funding. A 501(c)(3) is a section of the Federal Tax Codes, which establishes the criteria for tax-exempt charitable organizations. Section 170(c)(1) refers to agencies that conduct activities to benefit the public-at-large, like public schools, state universities, public libraries and volunteer fire departments.

  • Fiscal Sponsor - An organization that is receiving money on behalf of the grant applicant and is responsible for disbursing the money for the project and maintaining appropriate documentation. This entity must by a 501(c)(3) or a 170(c)(1) unit of government in order to serve in this capacity. A fiscal sponsorship agreement must accompany the grant application if a fiscal sponsor is being used. This agreement is available within the JCF Grant Application.

Principles for Grant Making

  • The Foundation makes grants to support creative and innovative programs, current or emerging charitable opportunities, services not presently offered and capital projects that enhance the quality of life in the county. Grants are NOT made in support of annual operating budgets.

  • Especially interesting are projects proposed by coalitions of service providers, and those likely to gain support from matching fund arrangements.

  • Projects funded should not represent significant duplication of initiatives already undertaken by other non-profit agencies.

  • Requests will generally be denied for crisis intervention, current budget support, elimination of deficits, reduction of debt or funding of completed projects.

  • Special attention will be given to projects that apply to broad segments of the population.

  • Low priority will be given to programs or projects which have a narrow impact or sectarian purpose.

Criteria to be Used by the Selection Committee

  • The intrinsic merit of the project proposed.

  • The number of residents country-wide that will be affected by the grant.

  • The priority of the need to be met.

  • The clarity and measurability of the project goals.

  • The organizations ability to complete the project if only a partial disbursement of the grant request is made.

  • Plans to fund the project beyond the grant period.

  • The feasibility of the project and the time frame given for its completion.

Grant Recipients' Responsibilities

  • Agencies receiving grants will be required to sign a "Grant Agreement Form" adhering to the following conditions of acceptance for receipt of the award:

  • Use the funds awarded only for the purpose requested.

  • Complete the project within six months after receipt of the grant money.

  • If the project is not completed within six months, you are required to file an extension request with the Jasper Community Foundation.

  • When the project is completed, you are required to file a final written report (photos included), using the JCF Evaluation Form that will be provided to you with your grant money.

  • Included within your final report, you are required to provide "proof of purchase" for any special project items associated with this grant (paid invoices are preferred).

  • Media releases: You are required to publicize your completed project, providing credit directly to the Jasper Community Foundation. Provide copies of the newspaper articles and/or newsletters.

  • Return any portion of the grant monies not used for the designated purpose.

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